Tanning Ledges for Fiberglass Pools

Add a tanning ledge to extend your recreation and relaxation options! Fiberglass tanning ledges are perfect for lounge chairs, kids’ play area, or shallow water sunbathing. A tanning ledge adds an element of running water and turns the entire pool into a water feature.

Tanning Ledges for Vinyl Liner Pools

Our NEW pool side tanning ledges are a great addition to your pool for fun, relaxation, and just plain prestige.

Latham Pool Products are known industry wide for our constant quest for new and improved pool products. We strive to please by providing both the quality and the "WOW" factor that you deserve for your pool!


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Vinyl Over Steel Steps

Built-In Beauty

Latham’s vinyl over step systems are a beautiful part of the pool structure. The vinyl liner literally covers the entire surface of the pool up to the decking, including the step, for a completely custom finished look. By choosing among a variety of step designs, benches and sunledges in our vinyl over steel or vinyl over open top steel steps, you can create a great place to sit, relax, and cool off.


Modular Steel Steps

We use only the best materials, top-notch engineering, and innovative manufacturing technology to create pool components of outstanding strength and durability. The 14-gauge copper bearing steel steps are coated with a 2.35 ounce zinc galvanization to prevent corrosion and assure a structure that is stable, strong, and durable.

Modular Open Top Steel Steps

Vinyl Over Open Top Steel Steps have an “open top” filled with stone and finished with concrete treads. The vinyl liner is positioned over the filled steel step for a completely uninterruped pattern around the entire pool.

When you choose from our Vinyl Over or Open Top Steel Steps, you can custom create integrated step and benches in a endless variety of styles.

These steps are quick, easy to install, and solid.


Vinyl Over Polymer Steps

Sturdy Elegance... Endless Beauty

The vinyl over polymer steps allow you to extend the beauty of your liner to the entry point for your pool. When you choose a polymer base under the liner for your entry point, you’ll have a sturdy non-corrosive foundation for the life of the pool.

The vinyl liner also provides a soft, smooth texture to walk or sit on and brings a cohesive beauty to your pool. Choose from a wide variety of steps and benches to create your favorite part of the pool.


Modular Vinyl Over Polymer Forms

The Vinyl Over polymer steps are built with a strong polymer foundation utilizing interior braces with a solid polymer top, which is covered entirely with a beautiful Latham liner for a completely custom look.

All vinyl over polymer steps can be used in any of our polymer wall pools or steel wall pools.

Open Top Vinyl Over Polymer Forms

These Vinyl Over Open Top polymer steps are filled with stone and topped with concrete for a strong foundation before being covered with a custom Latham vinyl liner.

Vinyl over polymer open top steps can be used in polymer or steel wall pools.


Thermoplastic Steps

Latham's strong, sturdy thermoplastic in-wall step adds functional beauty to your pool. Our unique brace system creates a safe, slip-resistant way in and out of your family’s pool.

Available in many shapes, sizes and colors, our thermoplastic pool steps are built to last a lifetime and feature our Totally Encapsulated System (TES) with a lifetime warranty. The patented TES offers full-width support overlined by one-piece molded thermoplastic design.


  • Flexible and durable
  • Vacuum-formed from a single sheet of ABS supported Luran® material from BASF
  • 100% non-corrosive to withstand all the elements
  • Performance Thermoplastic Steps
  • Won’t crack, rip, delaminate, degrade, splinter, corrode, puncture or become spongy
  • Slip-resistant tread surface
  • Each step molded from a solid sheet of Luran-S material with ABS substrate
  • Molded tread supports, not bolted or glued to the treads
  • Braces attach to grid support structure
  • Concrete bond beam holds everything in place
  • Available in standard or cantilever options including sunledge, contour, Roman, Swim-n-Lounge and in-wall ladder


  1. Standard Latham Steps are molded from a solid sheet of coextruded Luran®S with an ABS substrate from BASF resulting in a strong, one-piece design, that will never delaminate, splinter, corrode, or puncture.
  2. Raised, slip-resistant tread pattern allows for safe and easy pool entry and exit.
  3. The high-impact strength and flexibility of weatherable polymers enables Latham Steps to withstand the stress of frost and back fill saturation far better than other materials.

Total Encapsulated Support System (TES)

TES Support System
(Total Encapsulated Support)

Latham Thermoplastic Steps
utilize the patented TES Support System for optimum tread support and strength.
  • All 6' and 8' models come standard with recessed jet locations.
  • All models come standard with pre-punched gasket holes for easy alignment.

Coordinated Colors

All Steps and Spas are available in:

6' Steps


6' Four-Tread French Curve Step

(Available in Standard & Cantilever)

6' Four-Tread Straight Step

(Available in Standard & Cantilever)

8' Steps


8' Roman Straight

(Available in Standard & Cantilever)

8' Four-Tread Straight Sit 'N Step

(Available in Standard & Cantilever)
(Straight & Radius Models)

8' Roman Curved Step

(Available in Standard & Cantilever)

10' Steps


10' Roman End Step

(Available in Standard & Cantilever)

Corner Steps


90° Corner Step

(Available in Cantilever Only)

2' Radius Inside Corner

(Available in Standard & Cantilever)

Gathering Places


6' Swim 'N Lounge

(Available in Standard & Cantilever)

8' Sunledge

(Available in Standard & Cantilever)

8' Step 'N Lounge Step

(Available in Standard & Cantilever)



2' In-Wall Ladder

(available in Cantilever only)




Acrylic / Fiberglass Steps

Our acrylic/fiberglass pool steps utilize rigid-elastic technology for structural integrity and torsion resistance.

Acrylic fiberglass steps are inherently rigid and strong, creating a stable entry way into your pool.

This beautiful step is easy to keep clean and impervious to the elements. Multiple designs and colors enable you to create your dream pool. Built-in lounges, seats, and benches make a wonderful gathering place.


  • Multiple levels of pole supports work in unison to create unrivaled balance and stability
  • Our patented adjustable foot is designed to expedite leveling during installation
  • The 90° cut provides perfect alignment with a smooth finish to ensure a beautiful step
  • Our Beauty Cap is the final touch for an attractive appearance
  • Rigid and strong with outstanding structural support
  • Vacuum-formed from a single piece of acrylic and then hand laid with multiple layers of fiberglass
  • Many shapes and styles are available in this line, including contour, cantilever, in-wall ladder, leisure bench and corner, with color options of white, blue and gray.

Optimum support from multiple levels of pool supports
working in unison to create unrivaled balance and stability.

Thermoplastic honeycombs (Rigid-Elastic Technology) with composite sandwich construciton offer optimum elasticity. This equates to greater impact strength and load tolerance.

Rigid-Elastic Technology positioned underneath every tread for unsurpassed support, structural integrity, and impact strength.

Coordinated Colors

All Steps and Spas are available in:

4' Steps


4' French Curve Step


4' Straight Step


4' Contour Step

(Can be used Standard or Cantilever)

5' Steps


5' Lagoon Free Form Step

(Can be used Standard or Cantilever)
(Plumbed & Jetted)

6' Steps


6' French Curve Step


6' Straight Step

8' Steps


8' French Curve Step


8' Straight Step


8' Leisure Straight Step


8' Curved Roman Step

11' Steps


11' Straight Roman Step

Gathering Places


8' Step & Bench Cantilever

(Plumbed & Jetted)

6' Double Seat Cantilever

(Plumbed & Jetted)

Corner Steps


90° Corner Step Cantilever



2' In-Wall Ladder



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