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In 2016 Latham participated in an extensive study to determine what captures the consumer’s imagination and inspires them to purchase a pool. We conducted several focus groups comprising of males and females between the age of 25 and 70 (Our target market) and what we discovered was that we can capture the perfect aspirational shot with only a few minor tweaks.


  • It’s good to take photos of the pool from all angles. ESPECIALLY from the pool to the house.
  • Photos should always be taken at the highest resolution possible. Check your camera or phone settings and make sure you are set up to capture the largest and highest quality print. You can always scale photos down, you CAN’T always scale photos up.
  • Always take photos or video holding your camera horizontal. Horizontal images format better and capter a broader view of the landscape.
  • Make sure the area you are photographing is clean and organized. The most beautiful pool photograph you ever take will be overshadowed by a messy deck or clutter in the foreground. If you need to come back and shoot the pool after the landscaping is done, do so... this will make all the difference in the world.
  • Lighting is essential. Be aware of the shadows and time of day. The best daylight you will get is early morning or late evening. If it’s growing dark ask the homeowner to turn on all the lights inside and outsied of the house, this will make the home radiate with aspiration.
  • it’s best to photograph pools without people in the shot. The family in the foreground may seem like a good idea but consumers want to imagine themselves and their family, not someone elses.
  • You MUST get a release form from the homeowner for every pool you photograph. Just make this part of your contract so that you are protected should you use or share the image.

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Why should I buy from Latham Pool Products?
Pool and spa dealers and builders: It pays to partner with Latham! Our diverse family of brands, all with best-in-class products, makes sourcing simple. Our coast-to-coast manufacturing resources enable faster delivery and reduced freight costs. Our nationwide sales and tech support makes your life easier. And our industry-leading dealer programs boost your profitability. Simply, no one stands behind every dealer like Latham!

What is the lead time on inground vinyl liners?
With multiple strategically located manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and Canada, we offer the fastest turnaround of liners in the industry. Our goal is to ship in three days once we receive a clean order. Having multiple manufacturing locations also results in lower shipping costs.

What is the lead time on solid and mesh safety covers?
Custom mesh and solid safety covers are typically shipped in just 4 days in season, which is significantly better than most safety cover manufacturers. Automatic safety cover systems typically ship in just 48 hours!

I’m interested in adding autocovers; how can I purchase them?
Coverstar manufactures automatic safety cover systems for every type of pool. For more information, visit Coverstar.com or call 800-617-7283.

I’m currently a vinyl liner pool dealer; can I buy your fiberglass pools?
Yes, we encourage dealers to take advantage of all of our brands and product lines. Latham is home to three of the best-made, best-selling fiberglass brands in North America: Viking, Trilogy and Blue Hawaiian.

I’m interested in fiberglass pools but am concerned about freight cost.
Freight is a major consideration when choosing a fiberglass pool manufactuer.  Latham has 8 manufacturing facilities across the U.S. for faster delivery and reduced freight costs.

Does Latham’s Ultra-Seam™ liner really have a stronger seam?
YES! Our exclusive Ultra-Seam™ vinyl liner technology makes floor seams stronger and virtually invisible. You will never have to worry about your customer being disappointed because they can see visible seam lines on their pool floor.

Am I eligible for your Latham bundle program?
YES! We offer numerous ways to boost your profitability when you purchase grouped products throughout our diverse lines.

Do you offer any incentive programs?
Latham’s Cash Back Program is open to all pool dealers and includes all product lines. You can earn 2% cash back on every purchase of Latham Pool Products and 5% cash back on incremental purchases over the previous year. Also, Latham EZ Rewards allows you to earn points on the Latham products you buy. Points can be used toward trips, conferences and other exciting options.

Do you offer exclusive pattern selections?
Through our family of brands, Latham offers over 30 different elegant and exciting vinyl liner designs – the majority of which are created by our team of designers and are exclusive to us. From a rustic stone look to uniquely modern geometric and mosaic designs, you will be sure to find a distinctive pattern that will delight every homeowner and greatly enhance the look and value of every pool.

Do you offer exclusive territory programs?
Yes – there are many territories still available. Please contact a Latham sales representative to discuss your options for product brands and the territories that are still open.

What is the benefit to me of your being ICC certified?
Thanks to our proven product quality, Latham is the only packaged pool manufacturer to receive ICC-ES Certification of its products. This ensures that building products meet code requirements, and saves you time during the installation process.

Behind every dealer

Latham's commitment to stand behind every dealer doesn't just mean quality products and service. We offer the following programs that give back to our dealers:

Latham Cash Back Program

is open to all pool dealers and includes all product lines. Earn cash back on every purchase of Latham Pool Products and incremental purchases over the previous year. For more information contact your Latham representative.

Latham EZ Rewards

is the program that rewards your loyalty by allowing pool builders from around the country to earn points on the Latham products they buy which can be used toward trips, conferences and other exciting options. For more information contact your Latham representative.

Water and Labor Insurance Program

Latham now offers additional Water & Labor insurance for inground vinyl liners. This program provides additional funding to the dealer towards water and labor allowances. For more information contact your Latham representative.

See what our dealers have to say about Latham

"The Latham products have been fantastic. There have never been any back orders – delivery is always on time. Customer service through Latham has been really good. They have gone beyond what you would expect any company to do for you."

Greg Beadling
Beadling Pool Construction

"I've been using Latham products for close to 20 years. Their customer service is really good. The quality of the product is number one as far as I'm concerned. I wouldn't sell it if it wasn't a quality product."

Rick Ray, Owner
Ray's Pools

"It is a pleasure to work with a company that shares our passion and vision to be the absolute best at everything we do and follow nobody in our industry. Latham not only manufactures and sells the best products, but is always looking for new and better ways to provide their customers with more options and superior support. I feel extremely comfortable and fortunate to have such an industry powerhouse backing my company, my employees and my customers. As we continue to grow our company and expand into new markets, it is very exciting to know we have the best of the best with Latham on our team."

Ric Reineke, President
The Pool Guyz, Inc.,

Virginia Beach, VA

"I have been in the pool business for 35 years, and started my own company in 1988. I have been doing business with Latham since they purchased Fort Wayne Pools. We use only Latham steel walls, steps, coping, liners and covers – the complete pool package. Our experience with the Latham product has been excellent. The customer service we receive has always been helpful. We never hear the word 'can't' – it's always 'What can we do to help?'

"I believe the quality of Latham products is the best in the industry. I choose to work with Latham, rather than any other manufacturer, because I believe they truly care about their dealers, and they believe in working together as a team. Latham is continually working to ensure their products are of the highest quality available and incorporate the latest cutting edge technology to stay a step ahead of the competition.

"A pool dealer could not find a manufacturer with more experience and knowledge at their fingertips than Latham. This includes technical support, customer service, and having regional sales managers to keep you up to date about the latest products and programs. I feel very comfortable with Latham, and it's great to have a partner in the pool business you can count on."

Del Huff, President
Splash Pools Inc.

Travelers Rest, SC

”We have done business with Latham/Fort Wayne pools since the inception of our business in 1979.  Mermaid Pools is an exclusive user of Latham steel wall pools and Latham fiberglass step and ladder products.  Along with the structural products, we use Latham in-ground and above-ground liners, replacement liners and winter safety covers.  

“Latham has earned our loyalty for several reasons. First, we have found, from many years of experience, that Latham supplies the highest quality materials and related pool products in the industry.  From the lifetime warranty of the steel wall pools to the exclusive 20 year pro-rated warranty of their quality 20 and 27 mil liners, there is no reason for us to purchase from any other manufacturer in the pool industry.

”Second, Latham customer service is exceptional both to the consumer and dealer/ installer.  Immediate call recognition and direct and understandable answers to all inquiries is the hallmark of the Latham system.  

”Finally, Latham’s innovation in introducing new products and solutions, from consumer safety to adherence with governmental regulations, makes them a leader in the swimming pool industry. Latham has years of manufacturing experience in building quality components.  This is the reason that my company, continues to choose Latham over any other manufacturer of pools, liners or covers.”

Thomas R. Murr, Treasurer
Mermaid Pool, Spa & Patio

“After a strong year of 90+ liner remodel sales, a personnel loss left me with one installer on staff. Then, with eight finished liners in my warehouse ready to go, he had to go on leave for a family emergency.

My liner business would have been dead in the water if not for my Latham Pool Products™ sales rep, Al Niessink. On a sales call, he noticed the stack of liners and offered to help. Al literally went into the trenches for me, spending three days personally installing liners with just one or two helpers –including one tough install needing major prep work that took all day.

It's one thing to say you're Behind Every Dealer. When my back was against the wall, Al showed me what that really means.

Burkett Pool Plastering Services
Ripon, CA