Protect What You Love

For over 60 years, we've been perfecting the art of precision crafted liners for pool owners with discerning taste and style.
Not only do we create custom liners for pools, but we manufacturer industry leading safety covers.

Let the beauty of a plastimayd pool inspire you

Swimming pools are shimmering visual jewels, attracting significant attention as the centerpiece of your outdoor living space. Choosing a liner for your new pool - or replacing an old liner is an important decorating decision which will be visually enjoyed for many years.

Plastimayd 2018 Pattern Collection

Oxford / Electric Aquarius

Seaside / Glacier

Cambridge / Royal Prism

Capri / Fresco II

Cobalt Lake / Grey Mosaic

Courtstone Blue / Natural Blue

Courtstone / Natural Grey

Legends / Deep Blue Fusion

Midnight Barolo / Natural Grey

Ocean Barolo / Natural Blue

Stonebraid / Royal Prism

Summerwave / Deep Blue Fusion

Bali / Blue Granite

Chesapeake / Gemstone

Coventry / Prism

Lancashire / Bluestone

Vintage Mosaic / Blue Mosaic

Cancun / Blue Granite

Hampton / Seaglass

Mountain Top / Blue Mosaic

Pacific Tide / Prism

Princeton / Gemstone

Santa Cruz / Sandstone

Williamsport / Bluestone

Moonstruck / Creekstone

Panama / Royal Prism

Tan Sierra / Gold Pebble

Marble Inlay / Crystal

Barolo / Prism

Dynastie / Blue Granite

Indigo Marble / Blue Granite

Dolphin / Seabrook

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