What's New

UltraSeam - The strongest seams you'll NEVER see!

Latham innovation has produced an entirely new category of vinyl liner. Our exclusive Ultra-Seam™ process makes floor seams stronger and virtually invisible. No more visible lines on the pool floor detracting from the beauty of your customer's pool!

Ultra-Rigid Polymer Panels

Reduces potential warping and bowing
Latham innovation has significantly improved the polymer wall panel. Our exclusive Graphex and Elite polymer composite panels and ultra-rigid Deluxe panels reduce the problem of thermal expansion experienced by traditional panels. The new polymer panels remain rigid even on the hottest day, creating an easier installation for the builder.

Coverstar - Automatic Safety Cover WiFi Touch Pad

Alerts the homeowner via text or email when the cover is used
Latham innovation brings a new level of peace of mind with the first WiFi-enabled touch pad for automatic safety covers. The new Coverstar WiFi Touch Pad can alert the homeowner by text or email when the cover is opened or closed, when any user logs in, or if the cover is left open for longer than a time set by the homeowner. It also includes intelligent sensing to shut off the system when operational problems are detected, programmable security codes and Press for Service button. The new Touch Pad can be easily installed into existing cover systems to provide a powerful new level of protection for families.